Design Service

Our Kitchen Design Service will inspire and guide you through your project; from selecting the right cabinetry and worksurfaces to choosing appliances and hardware.

Design Service

Our Home Design Service was founded to help you realise the home you have always wanted. Should that be one room or decorating a whole house, our expert designers will work alongside you to create a space that captures Neptune’s timeless look and reflects your own taste and budget.

How it works

From your first, free consultation with your designer right through to delivery day, here’s what to expect when you embark on our Kitchen or Home Design Service.

The first step in the process is to arrange a sit-down consultation with one of our designers. This can be done by telephone or by filling out the form below. We will then contact you to arrange a suitable time to lead you through the product ranges and samples within our showroom.

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Ahead of our first consultation...

To make the most of the time with your designer, try to bring along as much information as you can to our first conversation. As you take us through all your ideas, it’s so much easier for us to think through concepts when we’ve got a clear picture of what your room looks like right now. Below is a list of things to bring along if you can. They’ll also help us prepare for your at-home design visit and survey.

Room plans. These could be anything from an architect’s drawings to a hand-sketched room plan. Try to include as many dimensions as you can, like window and door positioning, sill heights, ceiling and beam heights and any awkward nibs.

Photographs of the current space. Try to include any of your favourite features in the room, and any you dislike.

Inspiration images. Any format that works for you is good - from magazine cuttings to a Pinterest mood board.

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Next Steps

After your first free design consultation, if you decide that you’d like to proceed with our in-depth and expert full design service we kindly request a £350 design fee at this stage, but you’ll get that back if you decide to go ahead with your Neptune kitchen or room design. Our design fee includes plans, elevations, 3D colour views and a detailed specification of costs; this is the part where rough ideas and outlines become your fully-formed vision and where your project really starts to come to life.

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Project Management
Installation Service

We have a wealth of experience designing and installing beautiful yet functional kitchen spaces in a wide range of property types and can provide some or all the tradespeople you require whilst project managing the whole job to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.


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